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Washington Probate Instructions & Forms "for Dummies"



Probate for Dummies' Purpose, Assumptions, & Typical Situations

  1. Probate for Dummies' Purpose

  2. Probate for Dummies' General Assumptions

  3. Probate for Dummies' Special Assumptions

    1. For Simple Testate Estate ONLY

    2. For Simple Intestate Estate ONLY

  4. Probate for Dummies' Typical Situations

    1. For the Testate Estate

    2. For the Intestate Estate

  5. Use of Wiley Publishing, Inc.'s Trademark


A.  Probate for Dummies' Purpose    


"Probate for Dummies" is a simplified set of instructions and forms for typical estates, testate or intestate, similar in style to that in the numerous and engaging paperback books entitled "[...] for Dummies," published by Wiley Publishing, Inc. (see note at bottom of page).


This "Probate for Dummies" section contains the regular pages for Opening, Administering, and Closing a Probate Estate found on WA-Probate.com stripped to their bare essentials, for example:

In other words, no:

This section may be helpful due to its narrow focus and utter simplicity, although you may wish to consult WA-Probate.com as a supplemental reference, to provide additional details, alternatives, etc. for your use as Personal Representative.  If any of the following assumptions are untrue in your situation, you should consult WA-Probate.com to determine how to supplement the material in this section.



B.  Probate for Dummies' General Assumptions    


The Probate for Dummies' Instructions are for the following typical simple estate:


C.  Probate for Dummies' Special Assumptions


1.  Assumptions for the Testate Estate ONLY:    


2.  Assumptions for the Intestate Estate ONLY:    


D.  Probate for Dummies' Typical Situations


1.  Typical situations for the Testate Estate:    


2.  Typical situations for the Intestate Estate:    


E.  Use of Wiley Publishing, Inc.'s Trademark    


  "For Dummies" is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc., with whom WASHINGTON PROBATE has no connection other than as a devoted customer and fan.



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