Probate Instructions & Forms "for Dummies"



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Probate Instructions & Forms "for Dummies"    


Purpose, Assumptions, Typical Situations, & Instructions & Forms

  1. Purpose

  2. General Assumptions

  3. Special Assumptions

    1. For Simple Testate Estate ONLY

    2. For Simple Intestate Estate ONLY

  4. Typical Situations

    1. For the Testate Estate

    2. For the Intestate Estate

  5. Instructions & Forms

    1. Opening the Simple Estate

    2. Administering the Simple Estate

    3. Closing the Simple Estate

  6. Use of Wiley Publishing, Inc.'s Trademark


I.  Opening the Simple Estate    

  1. Preparing for Court

    1. Filing Decedent's Will

    2. Petitioning for Letters

    3. Drafting a Proposed Court Order

    4. Filing an Oath of Personal Representative

    5. Filing a Probate Notice to Creditors

    6. Telephoning the Probate Clerk

  2. Going to Court

  3. Giving Notice of Your Appointment

    1. To Heirs & Beneficiaries

    2. To Washington Department of Social & Health Services

    3. To Internal Revenue Service

II.  Administering the Simple Estate    

  1. Preparing an Inventory & Appraisement

  2. Handling Creditor's Claims

    1. Publishing a Probate Notice to Creditors

    2. Conducting a Reasonable Review to Identify Decedent's Creditors

    3. Giving Each Possible Creditor Actual Notice

    4. Determining Whether Creditor's Claims Are Lawfully Presented

    5. Disposing of Lawfully Presented Creditor's Claims

  3. Handling Tax Issues

    1. Handling Income Tax Issues

      1. Federal

      2. Washington

    2. Handling Estate Tax Issues

III.  Closing the Simple Estate    

  1. Are you Ready to Close the Estate?

  2. Closing the Estate


Instructions & Forms

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